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Friday, January 20, 2012

Riotous Color

My wonderful friend has a daughter with Down Syndrome and she has taught her daughter to quilt, crochet, write and numerous other things that even I have a difficult time keeping up with.  Leticia is very creative and prolific.  She has made us, and there are five of us, numerous scarves in previous years and speicifically five this year for Christmas.  Leticia cuts and knots her yarns in infinite color combinations and weights and then crochets wide and narrow (in the same scarf) until the scarf touches the floor when held under her chin.  They are truly beautiful!  But there are too many.  Remember I said this young woman is prolific.  Then the idea hit me:  If I sewed the scarves together I could make a lap blanket.  Or better, I would unwind the work and just crochet all her yarn combinations and the lap blanket would lay better.  I honored her creative pairings and the order that she put them in.  And it turned out so much bigger than I expected.

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